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Habanero hot sauce bottle with habanero peppers

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A girl and her 120lb American Bulldog

Lomalita Hot Sauce is named after Loma, a very large, very joyful American Bulldog. She is bright, bold, fiery, captivating & her zest for life is the inspiration behind our brand.

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Woman on grass with American bulldog
Always Natural. No Preservatives.

Enhance the flavors of your food rather than cover them up, with Lomalita!

With an approachable spice level, Lomalita really can go on anything! From tacos to sandwiches, salads to pizza...we've even heard it's good on ice cream!  ​

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Lomalita habanero hot sauce with habanero pepper
Lomalita habanero hot sauce bottles with all natural ingredients
Lomalita habanero hot sauce bottles with guacamole and tortilla chips
Lomalita habanero hot sauce bottles with all natural ingredients

This is my new go-to sauce! I got this in my March Fuego Box and I’m obsessed! I use it on my eggs every morning and pretty much everything else I eat


The pairing of chile peppers & carrots are able to enhance the blandest of meals into a dish you keep coming back to with a civilised heat!


Such a great sauce especially on chicken (wings, grilled, etc). Not too high on the heat level and an enjoyable sweetness from the carrots.


Good lord this is an incredible sauce. It's bright, Habanero, zingy with some citrus and the consistency is out of this world. Chunky but not too chunky. You know this was made with some love.


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